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Windhorse:evolution Seminar Part Two - Meaning Transcends Manifestation
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Submitted By: Admin on November 26, 2012
About the Video: Subhuti discusses the tensions involved in running a Buddhist business, exploring how such tensions might be an opportunity for realization. He speaks about 'the dissatisfaction factor' that must be cherished on the path as a needle guiding the way, and also about the potential for trans-personal awakening in a complete team-based right livelihood environment: "there's something going on, I want to be there - I have to be there!".
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Dh. Vajracaksu commented on March 29, 2013
Thank you to Subhuti and all involved in this discussion. I found it valuable, at times deeply moving. Perhaps the message I took most to heart was radical importance of taking responsibility for one's mind and one's part in any situation. Greetings from Istanbul Vajracaksu
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