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'Where Are The Men?' - Vajragupta
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Submitted By: Anonymous on August 25, 2011
About the Video: A talk by Vajragupta on the Sangha, given at the Triratna Buddhist Order Men's International Convention at Padmaloka Retreat Centre on 15 August 2011. The theme of the Convention was Buddha, Dharma, Sangha - The Three Jewels: The Heart of our Order.
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James L Smith commented on September 04, 2011
Yes I agree I have been involved for 15 years before this I was involved in leftist politics and I was brought in through young socialist movment which was effective in establishing our own group, now as a man in his late forties I am seeking to work with men's movements to bring my Buddhist perspective but this does not and I see no way to relate to the movement directly, check out Dharma Punk. With gratitude for bringing this to the fore.
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