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Triratna NewsByte 2 - November 2014
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Submitted By: Admin on November 05, 2014
About the Video: Clear Vision Trust wrote: Full Triratna NewsByte 2, November 2014
00:04 The Triratna International Retreat
10:13 Buddhistisches Tor Berlin
14:50 A Women's Karuna Appeal in Manchester
28:03 The Young Women’s Dharma Life course
37:39 The Opening of Highlands Triratna Centre
45:07 The Triratna International Council
52:46 Engaged Buddhists in Manchester
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janiniebeanie commented on December 01, 2014
I loved the footage of the international retreat and seeing friends who I used to work with. I feel very grateful to have made these amazing connections in Cambridge to take back home to Australia with me. I miss you all very much........ Big HUG all around Love Jan
jyoti commented on November 13, 2014
all the items were really interesting and I got more of a sense of what is going on in the Triratna world. Thanks.
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