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Time of Fire
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Submitted By: Anonymous on January 16, 2014
About the Video: 1975-77 (53 mins. released 1996) While the FWBO spread outwards as far as New Zealand, the deepening practice of sangha (spiritual community) threw up some mundane obstacles: the conditioning of the time meant it was difficult for men and women to live fully independently. And with some ambitious projects on the go they were tested to the core. 00:10 Roots of the FWBO 04:08 The Brighton Centre 05:50 Life at Pundarika (North London) 09:49 Country living 11:33 Changes at the London centre 19:02 Tension between the sexes 25:39 Centre in New Zealand 29:41 Centres in Norwich & Glasgow 32:55 Building the London Buddhist Centre 38:54 Dharma study 40:29 Contrasts: urban v suburban centres 43:46 New businesses 44:33 Dividing the sexes
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