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'The Second Gift - A Golden Net' - Kavyasiddhi
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Submitted By: Anonymous on August 27, 2010
About the Video: The second in a symposium of talks based on Bhante's poem "Four Gifts" given at the Triratna Buddhist Order Combined European Order Weekend at Wymondham College 21 August 2010.

Four Gifts

I come to you with four gifts.
The first gift is a lotus-flower.
Do you understand?
My second gift is a golden net.
Can you recognize it?
My third gift is a shepherds’ round-dance.
Do your feet know how to dance?
My fourth gift is a garden planted in a wilderness.
Could you work there?
I come to you with four gifts.
Dare you accept them?

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dharmawarrior commented on January 15, 2011
you already are one of the starts of video sangha!! I'm your fan! hehehhehe hugs!
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