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'Spiritual Receptivity and Just Sitting' - Vessantara
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Submitted By: Anonymous on August 30, 2012
About the Video: A talk given by Vessantara - 'Spiritual Receptivity and Just Sitting' - on the Triratna Buddhist Order European Order Gathering at Wymondham College August 25 2012
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Dh. Vajracaksu commented on November 17, 2012
Thank you very much Vessantara for this intelligent and illuminating talk. For reminding me or us of the value of an appreciative awareness and offering us simple clues for entering this quality of awareness. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, images and experiences with us. I hope you're well & thriving. Vajracaksu
Amalavajra commented on September 30, 2012
Very interesting talk, especially on spiritual ambition.
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