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Recurring Dream
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Submitted By: Anonymous on January 16, 2014
About the Video: Witnessing the hopes and aspirations of young orphans, and of women living in a Buddhist community as they discuss their plans up until marriage and glimpsing the appalling caste violence that mars the lives of many in India. 00:00 Opening 05:00 Early years 08:24 Society 10:51 Oppression 12:53 A slum 14:01 TBMSG & three Europeans 16:47 Political activity 18:28 Dhamma life 24:10 Women's community 29:06 The role of Women 32:23 The South 37:41 Bomb of the Dhamma 40:37 TBMSG activity 43:01 The Buddhist 'caste' 46:22 Non Violent Communication 48:33 Marriage 51:30 The present state 54:49 Chaityabhumi to Chunabhatti
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