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Court Lodge - in memoriam
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Submitted By: Anonymous on April 09, 2015
About the Video: A house can die and when it passes away a whole culture passes with it. More than simply bricks and mortar, the house is built of the intersection of so many lives and experiences, forming a shared world with its own customs and habits, its own language and style, its own memories and meanings. All that disappears with the house, like smoke in the wind. My mother died in 2004 in Court Lodge, the house that had been the embodiment of our family for 50 years. I filmed the process of dismantling our occupation of that space as my brother and I prepared it for sale. Mokshapriya has edited that footage, skilfully capturing the poignancy of decay, death, and parting that we experienced so vividly at that time: deeply personal, and yet universally real. Whatever is born must die; whoever meets, must part. Dharmachari Subhuti March 2015
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Werner commented on May 27, 2015
Subhuti - a very moving and rich video / experience for me. Thanks for making this available.
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