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'British Buddhism Today' - Munisha
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Submitted By: Admin on June 23, 2010
About the Video: 'British Buddhism Today' - a talk given by Munisha at the Manchester Buddhist Conference on 19 June 2010 in Fo Guang Shan Temple.

At this 5th Manchester Buddhist Conference Munisha gives the keynote speech. Please note that the census statistics quoted are from 2001 and will be superseded by the 2011 census. The breakdown of UK Buddhist groups by size is from the book British Buddhism by Robert Bluck, and open to question.
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Anjali commented on February 11, 2011
Fascinating account of Buddhism and politics in this country. Thank you for the time and effort of all those promoting the Mahasangha in the UK through the NBO.
vidyamala commented on August 15, 2010
very clear and fascinating and thought provoking. 10 5 stars.
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