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A Circle of Friends
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Submitted By: Anonymous on January 16, 2014
About the Video: Ten years on, the founder declared 'it’s only a beginning' but already the FWBO was a ‘nucleus of a new society'. And not just in England. Fifteen years after leaving it, Sangharakshita returned to India to conduct the ordinations of the first Indian members of the Order. 00:00 Introduction 05:04 Amaravati women's community 09:52 Mandarava women's retreat centre 12:08 Making core teams 17:41 Group of yogis visit India 24:21 More overseas' expansion 29:49 Energetic Scotland 34:41 Building the London Centre, year 3 36:26 Insights in spiritual friendship 41:23 Freedom & blasphemy 45:50 Dharma work in India 49:15 London's 'Buddhist Village' 54:04 Rural meditation centre 55:42 Ordinations that complete a circle
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